628CREW is about bringing together kids in years 6-12 at school. They meet in the church hall on the 1st Sunday each month at 6pm to 8pm. This gathering is supervised and run by our qualified team who have all the necessary checks to ensure this is a safe place for teenagers to meet.

Adding to 628CREW are new exciting topics of 628CREATE and 628RESTORE. These activities focus on learning new skill in creating activities and restoring timber furniture.


Term 1

February 3rd 628Crew@6pm

February 17th Digging Deeper@930am

March 3rd   628Create/Restore@4pm

March 17th Digging Deeper@930am

April 7th 628Crew@6pm

Term 2

May 5th 628Crew@6pm

May 19th Digging Deeper@930am

June 2nd     628Create/Restore@4pm

June 16th Digging Deeper@930am

July 7th 628Crew@6pm

Term 3

August 4th 628Crew@6pm

August 18th Digging Deeper@930am

September 1st 628Create/Restore@4pm

September 15th Digging Deeper@930am

October 6th (Holidays) TBA

Term 4

November 3rd 628crew

November 17th Digging Deeper@930am

December 1st 628Create/Restore


There are activities, deep discussion in a caring environment, fun, food and a lot of fun. If you have any queries, please email via the contact us page and we are happy to catch up with you.