Worship breathes life into our soul.

Our lives are worship. During church gatherings, we use the word worship for the music and singing that takes place. But worship goes deeper. Our prayers are worship, our giving is a form of worship too. In fact, our lives are about worshipping the One who created all that is seen and unseen- Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We celebrate not only in song, prayer and word, but also in what is call Holy Communion. It is a time when we remember the Last meal that Jesus shared with his disciples before going to the cross. It is also a meal rich in meaning and history for the Jewish people. It is a time to reflect on what Jesus has done for us, his brothers and sisters in faith. The promise of Jesus is that when we do this in remembrance of him, he will be in the midst of us.

In our public worship we learn not only about our Saviour Jesus Christ within an evangelical setting, but also God and The Holy Spirit. Jesus preached of himself from the Old Testament, so it is just as important for us to spend time unpacking the word of the prophets, psalms and patriarchs. Our teaching on Sunday’s is Biblical, Practical and Relevant to all.

We are evangelical in our theology, taking the Word of God seriously. Lakes Anglican is unique in the fact it provides both traditional and contemporary worship on a Sunday morning. The term contemporary is sometimes distorted to sound inviting. Our 9:30 service contains liturgy as it helps in corporate worship. Our priests do not wear robes and we sing to modern songs that can be heard in many non-Anglican churches. Our preaching provides not only clear understanding of the biblical principles but also practical and real application for today’s living.

Each person’s experience of worship will be their own, the conscious act of understanding our place in God’s Creation, it is not simply our appreciation of a God, it involves our understanding of self. Worship has the capacity to ensure that we do not get too big for our boots, nor fail to recognise how important each one of us is to God.